2011 / 26 August

Social Media Marketing & The Fallacy of Going Viral

Last week I was a speaker at SES San Francisco on the audience choice “Like Me” panel.  The panel discussed the intricacies of viral marketing and the fallacies around it.  Viral Marketing is not really something that is cookie cutter in nature.  Most of the time the nature of a video, game or even fanpage or twitter account that has “gone viral” is completely by accident.

Instead creating a social media strategy through audience analysis and figuring out how to become not only a valuable asset to your audience, but solving some sort of problem or issue for them is the better target to hit rather than that ever illusive “Viral” moniker.  Viral is short lived and usually not the quality audience you are working to engage with.  Becoming an asset to your audience not only creates a loyal following but a highly engaged community as well.

So with that in mind, we wanted to share our deck from the session at SES San Francisco.


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