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Search Marketing GurusSearch Marketing Gurus is where you'll find the majority of my articles. From reviews of Fortune 500 Companies and their use of Blogs, Political Campaigns and their use of Online Marketing Strategies to Online Marketing Events, Tools and News that affects the Search Marketing sector I cover a broad area.

Articles for the online magazine InformIT

I write a very popular series that appears on Wednesdays that highlights the women of internet marketing.

Here are some other popular articles I've written:

Conference Coverages

I also help out Search Engine Round Table with conference session coverage for Search Engine Strategies.

2007 New York SES Coverage

List of coverage round-up scheduled, coverage posted after the sessions take place. - Eagles Football from a Chick's Perspective2007 London SES Coverage

EaglesChick.Com is my "side hobby" where I talk all about Eagles Football from a chick's perspective.

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