2015 / 5 October

6 Ways To Achieve Digital Marketing Clarity

Achieving Digital Marketing Clarity

It’s tough, isn’t it?  This new world of marketing?  Tweet this, Instagram that?   What if I just want my potential customer just to call me for services, do I really need to be on Blab.IM?  Do I need to create a board on Pinterest?  Share videos on Facebook? What about Vine…do I really need to worry about all these different platforms and what they do?  And what about my offline, yellow pages, billboards, clipper magazines & coupons, how does that still work with all these other places?

Any business, small or large is trying to not only make time to work all of this in, but understand what makes sense.   Those who understand that everything is digital today, have an advantage.  Being able to measure action vs response is more important than ever on every possible avenue that touches a customer, client, or prospect. True Digital Marketing Clarity can be tough mountain summit to climb to, but the rewards can become a windfall to those who attain it.

Tunnel VisionGet Out of the Tunnel

Understanding that today’s world your perspective clients and your current customers are not just watching TV, clipping coupons or just tweeting is an important factor to your marketing success.  Cross channel integration is now more prevalent than ever, especially with the rise of multiple screens.

It’s not just the multiple mobile screens you need to be aware of, it’s the integration of “set top” boxes (apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.), the screens at the gas pump or  deli counter, and even at the screens on those new Coke fountain machines that let you mix your own drink.  Even taxi cabs have a “second screen” these days.  Understanding that you might not be able to personalize the experience on every screen, but there is the opportunity for measurement, which is key.

This is why focusing or “tunneling” your strategic vision on one marketing channel will limit your ability to crest that Digital Marketing Clarity mountain top even before your packed your mountain climbing gear.  Just like when you head out on a hiking trip or mountain climbing expedition, you need to survey the land, look at all the possible routes, even understand how the weather will affect your ascent to the mountain peak, it’s the same for attaining Digital Marketing Clarity.

Everything is DigitalEverything is Digital

In today’s world it’s few and far between to find a marketing channel that cannot be digitized and measured.  Print media can come close, however, even with print, if you are using it as a marketing channel there are ways to digitally measure it’s affect on your bottom line.  You no longer have to rely on subscription numbers to understand the reach.

Utilizing this knowledge and leveraging with your marketing efforts can put your  strategy miles ahead than if you operated your business as if these marketing channels haven’t changed since their inception.  Television, radio, outdoor advertising and print media have all adapted to the digital times.  Think about the fact that in just the last two years  how much outdoor advertising has changed – how many new electronic billboards have you seen along the roadsides?   The world is not just adapting, not just implementing but embracing the digital age with open arms, businesses need to as well.

It Is a Team EffortIt Is a Team Effort

Think a customer service representative on your phone line doesn’t impact your marketing efforts?  How about that service technician that finishes installing those interior lighting fixtures in your client’s new study?  The delivery guy who just lays the package on the porch instead of ringing the bell and thanking the customer for their business?

In the world of instant gratification, there’s also instant dissatisfaction.

When you take the time to understand how your business is impacted by even the smallest “touch” to the customer by any member of your team, your Digital Marketing Clarity can be further enhanced.  The ability of anyone with a connection to the internet to immediately share their thoughts and experiences has had a fundamental impact on how companies need to engage with their customer based.  Measuring that impact has also become essential to success.

Getting your entire team on board with your efforts is no longer a luxury, it’s become a fundamental necessity.  Remember, it’s a whole lot easier to reach that mountain’s summit with help than going it alone.  Get buy in from your entire team and the path forward becomes a whole lot easier.

Measure What Works (And What Doesn't)Measure What’s Working (and What Isn’t)

Guessing is no long an option and while gut instincts might work in fantasy football leagues, in business, it’s not something that can be predictable, repeatable and relied upon for making business decisions.

Measure everything, but be consistent with what you measure.  If your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is number of inquiries generated, measure that consistently across all channels, not just some.  There are ways to measure cross channel KPIs, your digital marketing expert can help you set those up.

From special landing pages to customized phone numbers to simply asking “how did you hear about us”, cross channel measurement is vital in understanding what is working and what isn’t working so that you can invest more or stop wasting your resources on channels that are not producing the desired results.

Know Who Your Ideal Customer IsKnow Your Who Your Ideal Customer Is

When you have a basic understanding of who your ideal customer is, it makes building a sound marketing strategy immensely easier, not just to create a strategy for but to implement and measure, too.  Rather than blasting a message out to hundreds of thousands of eyeballs that costs you hundreds (or hundreds of thousands) of dollar with the “hope” that a few will respond, wouldn’t it be wiser to tailor your message and send it out to only those who fit your ideal customer’s profile?

If you wish to obtain a higher value client, say 3 figure income, owns their owns home, takes 2-3 vacations a year, has 2-3 kids and cooks as a hobby, you now have a “blue print” of where to focus your dollars.  That is opposed to saying “I want everyone”.

Everyone is not your customer.  Marketing to everyone is a road block to digital marketing clarity.  Understand who your customer is, and the path is no longer roadblocked with “everyone” in your way.

Be Nimble, But Be WiseBe Nimble But Be Wise

Shiny Object Syndrome, we all get it from time to time, like the latest greatest iPhone or Galaxy phones, we all want “Shiny”! We all want “New”!  We all want to be the “Cool Kids”.  There are times where adopting a new technology or experimenting in a new marketing channel makes sense.  That’s why it’s smart to allow your team or your efforts to be nimble enough to adapt to exploring those opportunities.

The key is to understand when adopting something new makes sense to your bottom line.

Just because your competition has begun marketing in the newest channel in social media, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s truly working, or that your ideal customers are there.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t claim your profile in the channel and optimize it, that should be the first thing you do.

Do your research first, as it can pay off by either saving you money or discovering a new avenue to reach and engage with your customers.  Unlike the stock market, marketing channels due take some time to develop audiences.  Who is there today, might not be there tomorrow.  That’s why it’s great to be nimble, but it’s even better to be wise about your nimbleness.

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